Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Is this game free to play??!

Short and easy, YES.

This game is something that i make just for fun, which means that i will not take money or even
donations for that matter, it is completly free in all aspects.

That means that even after the game is completed it will be avaliable to everyone for free.

It will say so in the game as well, so don't worry. Go ahead and download, play and have fun.

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Demo finally here!

Here is the first demo of "Evil Tower!" it is uploaded on 4shared if someone
cannot use that one please notify me by mail with an alternative and i will try and fix it.

I will post all coming updates on 4shared, if there is people that cannot use 4shared i will also
upload it on the alternative(s).

Make sure that you report if you cannot use 4shared, and also in the report say what you can use instead.

If you find something you want to report then go to the page "Information center" for more
information on how to report it to me, please do not post it as a comment.

Demo Link:

If something doesn't work then please notify me by mail.

Mail: mscreations.havefun@gmail.com


Friday, 1 November 2013

Evil Tower! What is that?

I am making a game in Rpg Maker VX Ace called "Evil Tower!" and i will now shortly tell you what the game will entail.

"Evil Tower!" take place in a fantasy world where you then will be involved in a great adventure
and at the same time will get to play a deep story where the hero isn't who you think he is. Most of all the hero of this story have no idea who is either.

I do not want to write much more since i will risk telling to much, i hope you will find the story of this game entertaining and most of all, that you have fun when you play the game.

If you have a question or that when you play the demo you find something that i should change or
reconsider, please tell me and i will. I always appreciate when people say what i can do better or diffrently.

I will also, ofcourse, consider all suggestions that is made toward the game in any way.